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Testable is a fully Integrated, continuous testing platform that ensures websites, apps, and APIs function and perform as intended. By using open-source tools, it provides a seamless experience for testing functional performance. Easy, quick, autonomous.
Convey brand essence and core messages while introducing a fresh visual interpretation. It was important to maintain the recognizability and association with the existing brand, ensuring that customers can still identify and connect with it, while also differentiate Testable within its niche competitors.
Brand Identity
Emphasizing trust and transparency, Testable's visual identity features a clean, minimalist design in white and light blue, with dynamic pink and blue gradients for an innovative edge.
Color Palette
Light and weightless graphics with clean lines and vibrant colors set the foundation of the brand style and are used to create a clear, intuitive step-by-step demonstration of the processes.
Faced with the challenge of conveying complex and extensive information, we opted for a clean and airy layout with generous margins and spacing, ensuring that users gradually engage with the content and feel at ease while reading.
Recognizing the common habit of skim reading, we used clutter-free white spaces to reinforce visual hierarchy and create a comfortable and focused environment for users.
Blue serves as an anchor color, providing stability and grounding to the overall design.
To enhance visual impact and direct the user's attention, we positioned gradients as backlights, illuminating key areas.
The pricing structure for tools like Testable is often complex and unclear. As one of the brand values is transparency, the same approach has been applied to presenting pricing models.
We provide customizable tabs that enable potential clients to easily and intuitively select the plan that best suits their needs, reinforcing commitment to ease of use.
Rather than utilizing CMS platforms, the decision was made to code the website from scratch.
This allows Testable to minimize vulnerabilities, customize security measures, and comply with data privacy regulations. Following rigorous quality assurance procedures, we ensured flawless functionality across diverse devices and platforms.
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Pedro P. Martins
Pedro P. Martins
European CMO at Strayboots
European CMO at Strayboots
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Thank you for the websites, pitches, and your insanely fast turnaround time!
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